Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thrash my junk numba 17

So this is it baby, my fav number, 17th.
post number 17, the arrival of gr8 beginnings.

im pretty excited because im announcing the launch of my online boutique, KIX
which will be launched on this friday/saturday.

(Firstly,No offence to the blogshops out there)
It will not be a typical blogshop manufacturing mass-produced replicas which everyone wears, no ASOS/TOPSHOP inspired pieces because quite frankly, i think we've seen enough of those.
so if you didnt mind my blunt words from above ,then please watch out for this space k.
i will be announcing the sneak preview and launch date here or you could go over to my blog, http://sherlynwong.blogspot.com.

email me at applez_womanizer@hotmail.com/thisismykix@gmail.com
if you would like to be added up on KIX'S mailing list.

get ready to roll around with mock joy and anticipate the arrival of owl printed tanks, billowing throwovers and snazzy fringe dresses.

For now,
items here are all bnwt/worn 1x.

1. Topshop Corset Tagged uk10 BNWT (except the tag dropped out, will mail it out tgt if necessary) (SOLD)
fits bigger uk 8 small 10? in my opinion.
Adjustable straps.
First picture shows the exact cutting whereas second picture shows the exact print of the corset i am selling.
no more pics. no pics worn. its BNWT.

2.ASOS petite trousers in Uk 8 (SOLD)
again, brand new not worn except there was no tag when i recieved it.
selling for $28 mailed
too big for me since i want it to be hitched up and highwaisted.
im guessing its a better fit for a bigger 8/small 10.

3. ASOS crop polkadot tee (fits uk 6/8)
worn 2x
$28 mailed.

or text me at 97595076 to confirm. (only for confirmed orders)


  1. Will u b selling your grey snakeskin bandage skirt?

  2. hello. not at the moment sorry love!