Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thrash my junk numba 14

1. Topshop Corset Tagged uk10 featured in Nov's Harper Bazaar
fits bigger uk 8 small 10? in my opinion.
Adjustable straps.

Trades for exact same piece in uk 6/8
Not selling.

2. Topshop Purple Toga bodycon dress tagged Uk 8
$25 (retails in store for $29) or 97595076 only if you are confirming.

inclusive of postage.
no measurements no add pics.
stock pics look exactly the same in real life.
will ignore any comments asking for trades/measurements/extra pics.


  1. Black slouchy off shoulder top.At numba 6

  2. hi, I have the topshop corset in UK8 (BNWOT), but I was wondering if you could tell me what the measurements are for UK10 - UK 8 fits me rather too well, but I don't know if 10 is too big (didn't manage to try it on, there wasn't size). thank you?