Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a tiny update 5 items

sorry for the lousy macbooth quality
imma uk 6/8, 1.58m
certain pieces are free size and can basically fit up to uk 10-12? im not sure.
no measurements unless supa interested + 90%confirmed
payment to be sent in to posb savings 172-379-672
confirmation via text to 97595076 or
first come first serve, no reservations, no bidding.
so even if you offer higher price, first to pay gets it first.

All items here are BRAND NEW and not worn before unless stated.

brand new
1. white scallop peterpan top with black and gold button at the back

selling cheap because buttons at the front came out when tangled with my other clothes.
condition 10/10 except for the missing buttons in front.
comes with a beautiful black and gold button at the back.
very good material.
fits uk 8-small 10?

2. Origami Top (comes with detachable short sash)
fits uk 6-8-small 10?
$11 mailed
Brand new. Not worn before.
condition 10/10

3. Black Denim Acid-washed crop jacket
worn 1x
condition 10/10
fits uk 6-8
selling for $25 with meetups only (non-nego, no trades)

4. Ribbon off-shoulder (thai designer)
worn 1x conditon 10/10
$22. (non-nego, no trades)

5. Over-sized bow dress


all confirmed orders to 97595076
all questions to

posb savings 172-379-672 thanks!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

urban outfitters

Leather and Cream dress from Urban outfitters
Tagged Xs
fits uk 6-8
worn 1x
mint condition

selling for $40 with meetup, $42 mailed, $43.50 for reg mail.

no more measurements, no more pics.
dress looks exactly the same as stock picture.


Monday, July 26, 2010

UO AND f21

1.f21 dress
tagged S
condition 9/10
$35 (non-nego)


Sunday, July 25, 2010


1. topshop necklace
brand new not worn before

2. topshop top
tagged uk 6
worn 1x
$35 (non-nego) +10 for trades

3. Topshop blazer
tagged uk 8
worn 1x

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Topshop GREY harem pants (first picture for enlargement purposes only, am selling EXACT PIECE FROM TOPSHOP)
worn 1x only for photoshoot styling purposes
mint condition
tagged uk 8

selling for $35 non-nego at all.
retails for a lot more. 50-60+?


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

need kachingz

for the first pink rose top, please contact 97397211.
tagged uk 8
selling for $30.

1. topshop muscle crop top
worn 1x
$25 for immediate payment
uk 6
but fits uk 8 too.

2. muscle tank
Free size
$15 for immediate payment
worn 1x

3. HVV top
brand new
$18 (non-nego)
fits uk 8

97595076 for immediate confirmation
no more pics, no more measurements

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Topshop hot pants sold already pls do not text anymore.

Gojane combat boots
fits charles and keith size 38 perfectly.
able to wear for a 37 too.
worn 2x
retails for $14 ++ usd. not including shipping and stuff.
selling for $20 with meetup. (heavyyyyyy)
$15 for imm payment.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

1. $10 (mine is not from topshop but cutting is 100% same) bnwt
2.UO romper $45 worn 1x
3. supre crop top fits uk 6-8 $25 (SOLD)