Thursday, December 10, 2009


all questions and enquries, please direct them to or 
 at 83333560

1. Nudie jeans

W - 29
L - 32

2. Hells Bells jeans

 W - 32 inch
L - 41 inch

3. TopMan (skinny) 

W - 30
L - 30
Nudie jeans still very new. Only wore for a few times. Washed once. Going for $220. Bought at $300 plus.
Top Men jeans have never been worn before. No tag though. Going for $100. Bought it at $120.
Hells Bells jeans have only been worn once. Going for $80. Bought it at around $100 plus. or  at 83333560

Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi pies! im helping my friend, amanda sell her Jeffery campbells.
a hundred and one thousand percent Authentic, not the typical knockoff kind.

Jeffrey campbell potion buckle wedges 
In style of opening ceremony 
Fit us 9, 39, regular 8 
Worn 2x 
Retailing at 162 usd = 230 sgd 
Selling at $200 
if interested, please email her directly at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is to inform everyone that KIX has already launched and im sorry for the neglect
of thrashmyjunk. more pics to be added up soon!
for now, here's KIX, the new online store.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thrash my junk numba 17

So this is it baby, my fav number, 17th.
post number 17, the arrival of gr8 beginnings.

im pretty excited because im announcing the launch of my online boutique, KIX
which will be launched on this friday/saturday.

(Firstly,No offence to the blogshops out there)
It will not be a typical blogshop manufacturing mass-produced replicas which everyone wears, no ASOS/TOPSHOP inspired pieces because quite frankly, i think we've seen enough of those.
so if you didnt mind my blunt words from above ,then please watch out for this space k.
i will be announcing the sneak preview and launch date here or you could go over to my blog,

email me at
if you would like to be added up on KIX'S mailing list.

get ready to roll around with mock joy and anticipate the arrival of owl printed tanks, billowing throwovers and snazzy fringe dresses.

For now,
items here are all bnwt/worn 1x.

1. Topshop Corset Tagged uk10 BNWT (except the tag dropped out, will mail it out tgt if necessary) (SOLD)
fits bigger uk 8 small 10? in my opinion.
Adjustable straps.
First picture shows the exact cutting whereas second picture shows the exact print of the corset i am selling.
no more pics. no pics worn. its BNWT.

2.ASOS petite trousers in Uk 8 (SOLD)
again, brand new not worn except there was no tag when i recieved it.
selling for $28 mailed
too big for me since i want it to be hitched up and highwaisted.
im guessing its a better fit for a bigger 8/small 10.

3. ASOS crop polkadot tee (fits uk 6/8)
worn 2x
$28 mailed.
or text me at 97595076 to confirm. (only for confirmed orders)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

thrashmyjunk post numba 16

hi pies, this is no. 16

both necklaces (i have an extra piece but its not brand new. though it looks the same, for the first necklace ) are both brand new from Diva.
25 each.


Blue lace Cropped Jacket. brand new with tag.
retails at FEP for $39
selling for $25
fits uk 6 small 8

pardon the kooky expression and pasty face.wrong foundation.
brand new not worn A-line skirt

Tiger slightly Cropped Tee
SOLD 3/4 sleeves Blazer from Korea
Acid Washed THE DUDE denim vest from Black Clover worn 1x
perfect condition
retails for $39.90 
selling at $30

no trades
97595076 to confirm 
will beat whoever emails me and dont reply.
correction, will stalk you, leave nasty comments then beat.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

thrashmyjunk post numba 15

1. Brand new with Tags Topshop Fringe Skirt
tagged UK 14.
retails for $79, letting it go at 50 mailed, 45 with meetup (LOWEST)
I BOUGHT THE WRONG SIZE. im highly traumatized, so HALP ME.
willing to trade only for same piece in uk 6.

BRAND NEW in plastic wrapping still.
KATE by kate moss perfume.
50 ml.
retails for 71.
letting it go at 45 with meetup.
(this is a fucking gr8 bargain thankzU. )

no trades at all. 97595075 to CONFIRM.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thrash my junk numba 14

1. Topshop Corset Tagged uk10 featured in Nov's Harper Bazaar
fits bigger uk 8 small 10? in my opinion.
Adjustable straps.

Trades for exact same piece in uk 6/8
Not selling.

2. Topshop Purple Toga bodycon dress tagged Uk 8
$25 (retails in store for $29) or 97595076 only if you are confirming.

inclusive of postage.
no measurements no add pics.
stock pics look exactly the same in real life.
will ignore any comments asking for trades/measurements/extra pics.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

thrash my junk numba 13

SOLD AT $40 


just got 'em yesterday.
tags cut off but price tag still on.
retailing for $63 in stalls
letting go at $35 since its brand new not worn and all.
cant find this any cheaper, i can guarantee.
got it in the wrong size. its too big for me.

ITS tagged size 39. US 6 /8.5 although im not too sure what the 8.5 represents.
haggling's okay but too much and if you back out i will bite you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

thrash my junk numba 12

hi pies, thanks for the support at the flea fly flo @ home club.


might do another one. for now, here's a new updated post.
Items below are all BRAND NEW without tag.
prices are non-nego /NO TRADES and includes free postage for this post.
meetups Only in the east/city hall.
no measurements non at all. will ignore comments or emails asking me for them. i sowie.
Avant garde zip up flats. retails for $49.90 
tagged size 37 fits true. not worn at all cause im a size 38 and its a lil-er too snug for me.
selling price $35

2. Topshop Red Rose Seamed Cropped Top
Tagged Uk 8.
retails at $39 
selling at $22 (PENDING)

3.   TOPSHOP laceback detail top  SOLD
mine is in white, for rl pictures scroll down.
tagged Uk 10 but fits uk 8 snugly.
retails for $49. (still in stores)
selling for 25 mailed.  

4. Asos BNIB dress tagged 8 fits true

selling for $25 mailed

5. DSC_0202

all rings are sold except the cupcake one.  $18.  (sorry for the moment i decided not to sell it)
bows at $3 each. (silver one sold)
 falsies for $2 each. BN skinfood nail polish $5.

all questions please direct them to
please do not leave any comments here because i wont be checking them thanks sorry !

ps: urgently looking for maxi dresses to fit uk 6/8 1.58 m shortie and koran khaki chinos.
like these. 
below $20 with meetup for the chinos please.

selling brand new ones at $25 the price i got it for.

Friday, October 23, 2009

come play this sat!

THRASHMYJUNK will be there on Saturday with two fellow pokemons in the quest to thrash their garb. come down now to the flea market at home this sat to play with us! =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

trash my junk number ELEVEN

hello little pies!
this is post numbaaa eleven and most of the stuff is either brand new or worn 1x the most. which basically means everything is in mint condition unless stated otherwise.
i get my clothes from the retail stores and they are not the cheapo kind so please understand the price is drastically different as compared to those in stalls but not the blogshop or flea market cheap kay.

if you aint got money take your broke ass home, im halfway home so bottom line is
nah ah, not at all. unless i initiate which is very rare so please dont try your luck.
i wont be rude not to reply but i will be INSISTENT on no trades so save your fingers from emailing me if you want to do a trade xiexieni.

In this post, postage is not included and meetups will only be done at my convenience.
East side like tanah merah, simei or tampines on weekdays
and maybe town during the weekends.
if not please opt for mr postman and pray he doesnt misplace your parcel.
my email is
any questions/purchases please direct 'em there.
if not, my personal no. is 97595076 which i dont recommend you use unless you die die confirm plus chop want to buy fo real fo sure.
kay have fun shopping i repeat no trading thanks byez!
for reference, imma uk 6/8 for both top and bottoms. 158 cm.

Authencity guaranteed.
Prices slightly nego.


Brand new Topshop Ribbon tieback. worn 1x.
Tagged uk 14 to be worn as a dress but still too short for me. tucking in does the trick.

$25. retailed for 63 ++ if im not wrong.

Forever 21 purple sequin tank tagged M. sizing runs small. $14

Betty Boop Junk food tee worn 1x. $15 rtp $49.90

White Slouchy Beanie brand new - $10.SOLD
Grey hoodie, $14

Floral Crop racerback top $30. Retail price is $39.90
absolutely brand new.
tagged Uk 6.

Topshop Laceback detail $24 tagged UK 10. (SOLD)
bought to wear as a dress but too short.
fits uk8 snugly.

Blue Woven Vest (with tieback) $14

Brand new Floral Dress $25

Floral Romper

Vintage Dress $25

Floral tube dress $23

Brand new not worn at all Blue V neck Tee- i have this in black also brand new not worn too
Authentic DKNY mesh sequin top $40 (got it for much much more)

F21 Skirt worn 2x gr8 condition - $15

Blue Cropped Top $22

Fashion Lab Camisole Tagged L sizing runs small.


Blue tube top $10

Cotton on Purple tank tagged 8 $12

Cotton on skirt tagged 8 totally brand new not worn out at all

Oversized Knitted PullOver $25

Denim Frayed cut offs $15 for size 8