Sunday, August 23, 2009

thrash my junk numba 4

Please note that for this particular post,
stated price for all items DO NOT include postage.

for bags - meetups only and meetups at my convenience

you may haggle but if you do, do it reasonably kay =)
and if you keep haggling x 10000
and decide to pass in the end or SHOW SYMPTOMS OF A DISEASED DEAD BUYER let me warn you i will be sibei du lan and blog shit about you. i will also be damn gay and hunt you down on FB twitter and your blog so heeheehee dont be dead buyer thank you muacks.

TRADES ONLY if you have boat shoes (charles and keith size 38)and preferably, non blog shop stuff.
clothes must fit topshop size 6/8 thank you! =)

and last but not least, i do not and will not take measurements for any clothes.
i am a uk 6/8 and i will state for each item, how the cutting is like so trust me.=)

#1. black and gold shiny bangles from overseas $22 (comes with the quaint lil vespa)
pictures dont do it justice. such a pretty piece! (SOLD)

#2- kittykat vintage ring $8

#3 Blue and Gold ribbon hairband brand new not worn $8

#3 Flower brooch (can be pinned on your hair just insert a bobby pin through, pin will deffy stay and not shift) $4


#4 SATIN bow hair band $10

#5 Preloved tube indie dress $15 (SOLD)

#6 white fluttersleeve peasant top as shown in thrashmyjunk post no. 3

#7 OSF's highwaisted skirt
i cut it for the raw hem effect ($10)

#8, blue bow highwaisted skirt (fits uk 6 better) $10 (likewise i cut it too )

#9 BRAND NEW NOT USED comes with addition straps for you to use as a sling
NIKE white & gold edition $35 (SOLD)

#10 From japan, leopard print heart $15

Yellow fluttersleeve mint condition fits uk 6-8 best
$10 (SOLD)

blue braided tunic


f21 grey skinny vest tagged S superb condition
gt it for $40
letting it go at $25 (SOLD)

pictures dont do it justice
fuckin pretty piece

blue polka dot hoodie
has slight furrings at the bottom

$12 (SOLD)

blue peasant dress with balloon sleeves
$15 SOLD

worn 1x
i have 2 identical pieces
one from japan as a gift
another, got it for $26 bnib from this seller
this piece is from pwp.
got it for $26

letting it go at $20

NIKE hot pink and white limited edition
9/10 condition dirty at the bottom

$35 (SOLD)

mango highwaisted $30 fits uk 6-8 SOLD

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